Sunday, February 17, 2008


Princess Dollie Suri


Sinbad the Sailor

Ali Baba

Geanie Bindaas








Karishma Randeva

Rahil Azam

Karan Singh

Waquar Sheikh

Nirmal Pandey

Tej Sapru


??? (Geanie Bindaas /Abid)

[I don't know his real name but the guy played the
difficult double roles superbly and very easily.
He played the roles of Geanie Bindaas and Abid.]

Saturday, February 16, 2008

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Arman's Review

The series is currently on air on ''STAR Utsav''.Like ''Hatim'' this is one of the most popular & successful TV shows of STAR TV.The show is full of adventure & action; wit & humor ; mystery & suspense ; thrill& romance.The splendid scenery & exotic locations shown are also worthy of note.The special audio-visual effects are great.

The story is all about the adventures of a beautiful & intelligent teenage princess in the wonderlands.The brave princess is Princess Dollie Suri.The show also features nearly all of the most famous characters of ''The Arabian Nights'';they are''Hatim'', ''Sinbad the Sailor'',''Ali Baba'',etc.In the later episodes,there is the story of the famous traveler - ''Sinbad the Sailor''.Sinbad sets out for the dangerous voyages - the voyages for which he was famous for - just for the cause of goodness.Both the stories are inter-linked & it's just one epic story - the story of Princess Dollie And Her Magic Bag.The story - that is full of happiness & sorrows ; the good & the evil.The story-that is very interesting,intriguing & sometimes bizarre.The story- that's not just a story but one with morals & lessons - in all - one of the most memorable story !

All the actors who have performed in this entire show are just brilliant.All of them (whether they played positive or negative role)gave best performance.Each one of them has his or her unique style.Karishma Randeva,who played the lead role,is herself like a princess.She performed so well that nobody can do it.Of course,she is gorgeous & intellegent ; an upcoming & promising actress.She is an actress full of talent,enthusiasm and energy.In fact,she worked very hard for the lead role she played.The dashing & handsome Rahil Azam,who played the lead role in ''Hatim'' ,has again played the same role here - role of Hatim - and that makes the show more realistic,beautiful & memorable.The smart & debonair Karan Singh,who played the role of Aman,also gave finest performance.Sinbad's role is played by Wiquar Sheikh who is truly the Sheikh of Stars.He is a world-class performer - a real performer of high class & standard.This versatile actor is a great choice for such roles.All the other performers have done a great job-to name all of them here is impossible - some of them are also seasoned movie personalities.Some of these brilliant performers are : Nirmal Pandey (who played so well the role of Dajjal in ''Hatim''),experienced Tej
Sapru,seasoned Asrani,etc.And of course the one and only Geanie Bindas ! He remained an unsung hero ! unsung like a stunt man but indeed a true warrior - without mentioning him - all this would be incomplete ;and injustice to him too ! He also performed very well in double roles that he played in this show - both as Geanie Bindas & as Abid !